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Restek UK


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Since 1989

Established originally as an import company for high end Hi-Fi equipment, the owner branched into the installation side initially from a shop based in Worthing, expanding to a more specialist shop in South West London.

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About Restek UK


After 13 years of commuting I retired and kissed goodbye my import business, but maintained my relationship with UK manufacturers so that I could still offer a service to my existing clients, most of whom use me as their first port of call for upgrading or servicing. As a by product of this I set up a small machine shop where small specialist items can be made, designs ideas could now be brought to life, first of which was a new type of record stabiliser, second a cartridge gasket, then a Linn LP12 platter isolator all of these are available nationally. New projects are a novel form of tonearm balance weights and ball bearing isolator equipment feet which hopefully will be taken up by the same manufacturer and offered for general sale. In the meantime I will continue to experiment with ways to improve existing record decks with worthwhile accessories.

What clients say about us

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In the top picture is a very much modified Systemdek 11x with a four layer platter string theory isolation feet and modified arm board, that all contributed to raise the performance way out of it's price range.

The lower picture is of an experimental deck based on a Connoiseur BD1 platter and bearing, the performance of this deck easily surpasses commercial decks up to £15,000.